Donate to the Canadian Red Cross

Your donation helps people in Afghanistan.

Money raised will enable the Red Cross and Red Crescent in Afghanistan and in and around the region to provide support to people hit hard by multiple humanitarian crises. The support would include health care and relief supplies for individuals and families, displaced populations, and those experiencing food insecurity. Funds will also be used for immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long-term recovery, resiliency, and preparedness for future events in and around impacted regions, including consequential events related to the current crises.

Donate to the Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

Because of current sanctions which limit our ability to provide aid inside of Afghanistan, your donation may be used around the region to help displaced people from Afghanistan. Our hope is that the Government of Canada will allow for humanitarian aid to be sent directly into the country, then funds will be used to help people in Afghanistan, as well as in the region.

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