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Disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. The Canadian Red Cross is there every step of the way, providing Canadians with tools and skilled responders preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. Before a disaster happens, the Canadian Red Cross is hard at work in your local community, planning for the unexpected. Our thousands of volunteers across Canada undergo rigorous training to be able to provide security and comfort during times of disaster. We build relationships with local government and make sure we have supplies nearby.

Following a disaster in Canada, Red Cross workers provide vital assistance for people’s basic needs, including: family reunification, emergency lodging, emergency food, emergency clothing, personal services, reception & information.

Whether it’s one person, one family, or a whole community, you can help ensure that the Canadian Red Cross is there to provide that person, family or community with the essential supplies they need to recover and rebuild after a disaster.

On behalf of Red Cross Ambassador Tom Jackson, and The Huron Carole – Angels Without Wings cast/crew of this renowned variety program, we extend our deepest gratitude for your donation.

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