Canadians need your help now more than ever.

Your gift will ensure that anyone who suffers through a disaster such as a house fire, flood, tornado or other crisis can receive emergency food, clothing, shelter and financial assistance from the Red Cross.

Donate to the Canadian Red Cross

Your donation goes where it is needed most.

Donate to the Canadian Red Cross

Between June 30-July 29, customers at every Walmart store in Canada can improve the lives of Canadians by donating at the checkout to support the Canadian Red Cross.

You, however, can donate right here, right now, to help the next family in Canada who needs emergency assistance from the Red Cross.

Every dollar helps the Canadian Red Cross respond to emergencies and build resilience to manage future ones across the country and in your home town.

The Red Cross is sincerely grateful for the ongoing support from Walmart, its Associates and customers and Canadian donors like you.

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