Donate today to support humanitarian relief efforts to ease the suffering of people forced from their homes and homelands.

Your support will help the Canadian Red Cross assist in the arrival of 25,000 Syrian refugees over the coming months.

Our work will help to bridge the gaps in social services and support refugee families as they transition to life in Canada. These services may include psychosocial support, case management for Canadian Red Cross programming and Restoring Family Links services to help refugees connect with their loved ones. Your donation may also help provide referral services and community grants for access to education, learning and economic security. In certain situations, your donation may be applied to other needs in support of refugees that are unforeseen at this time.

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aid worker carrying boy

"When man finally learns to control the elements... When the winds will be quiet and the earth cannot be torn apart...When there will be no loneliness... no destitution... no war... When the last hungry man, woman or child is fed... Only then will there be no need for the Red Cross."
Albert Schweitzer - Nobel Peace Prize winner